Zethera Elektrika

Zethera Elektrika presents a new koncept of reality that will tackle the kore fundamental problems of the universe that we are konfronted with today, and prevent us from kreating a utopia that lies within reach of us all.

Zethera Elektrika reveals the true nature of the divine force that lies at the essence of our being and shapes our realities, and guides all that lives and is blessed with the power of konsiousness. A force that is not merely at the service of what we want to kreate, but in fact encompasses everything that we are, and with it merges us with the divine ruler of the universe! It is a force that is known by all in many shapes and forms, yet is misunderstood by most, for it is not simply an outer force as most like to believe, but the manifestation of true divinity that permeates everything.

When we acknowledge this force for what it truly is and realize its ultimate potential, we will be able to manifest all of our greatest dreams into reality.

Video fragments recommended in fullscreen-HD with sound.

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